A special ENGINEERING AREA which has many machines, with which we can handle various materials: metals, plastics, rubber and sponge; by utilizing advanced design software technology, we can produce:

  1. Spare parts that are now out of production, specific for assembly and sewing tights.
  2. Special mechanical details for tassel assembly and sewing, which meet specific customer requirements.
  3. Mechanical modifications to assembly machines and sewing tights machines

We also offer:

Precision metal machining both in single pieces and in lots; specifically, from the production of mechanical parts for machineries in general, to the manufacture of precision mechanical parts also dedicated to bijottery.


The machine fleet is constantly expanding, the latest arrival is the 3D PRINTER, which allows you to print three-dimensional prototypes of future products at very low costs compared to traditional methods for making them. This way you can test and experiment with the features of pre-production models.


  • Milling machines (3 axes)
  • Manual lathes and CNC lathes
  • Electro-discharge with thread

For the finishing of the production details, we use:

  • Grinding machine
  • Welder (TIG, MIG and with electrode)
  • Sifter of various sizes
  • Trimmer machine

and other specific machinery for the various needs of the working phases.