One of our strenghts is the sale of NEW UNION SPECIAL machines and Union Special sewing heads of which we are AUTHORIZED UNION SPECIAL DEALERS.

In addition to the marketing of Union Special sewing heads, we also deal with:

– overhaul of Union Special sewing heads

– repair of Union Special sewing heads only with Union Special original parts (Union Special original spare parts) to guarantee the quality and performance of the machine over time.

The contiuous requests to adapt Union Special machines to the needs of our customers have stimulated our qualified staff to study the best technological solutions. This gives us the opportunity to “transform” Union Special sewing heads, to make any type of sewing and adapt them to any tights assembly machine.

The loyalty of our customers confirms the efficiency of the custimizations we provide, as well as the technical and informative help we provide, even after the implementation of UNION SPECIAL machines.

Among the services we offer for UNION SPECIAL equipment, we are specialized in:

  • spare parts for Union Special
  • Union Special staplers overhaul
  • Reconditioning Union Special