“Optimism among operators, signs of recovery. The first edition of Fimast aims to be a ‘start up’ with selected companies and operators, which is sold out in the five thousand square meters of exhibition.”
Source: BRESCIA OGGI 09.10.2009 


The entire textile machinery industry meets in Brescia. Where the BRESCIA TRADE FAIR hosts the collective dedicated to producers and retailers of machines related to yarn production, production of stockings, assembly of stockings, finishing and stitching of stockings.

For us, it was one of the first true exhibitions we participated in. Our company was growing and was weaving the roots to better establish itself in the hosiery market. We wanted to propose ourselves mainly as:

  • Specialized technical assistance service for stocking assembly machines;
  • Resale of UNION SPECIAL 39500 spare parts and UNION SPECIAL 36400 spare parts;
  • Sale of UNION SPECIAL 39500 sewing machines adapted to the different needs of customers;
  • Technical assistance service on TAKATORI stocking assembly machines.

Our stand was merely exhibition-oriented. For us, this fair was a real showcase. It allowed us to make ourselves known and to learn about new work realities.

We were able to show some of our services related to the maintenance of stocking sewing machine parts and stocking assembly machines, such as:

  • Sharpening of body and tassel scissors present on LC and GLC TAKATORI;
  • Sharpening of UNION SPECIAL sewing machine knives;
  • Sharpening of knives for DETEXOMAT, UNION SPECIAL 39500 and 36400 chain cutters;
  • Re-rubbering of pliers for LC and GLC TAKATORI stocking assembly machines;
  • Re-rubbering of needle plates and claws for UNION SPECIAL 39500 sewing machines.