Maintenance of Overlock Sewing Machine


Ordinary Maintenance of UNION SPECIAL 39500 Sewing Heads

Ordinary maintenance is the periodic maintenance that needs to be performed in order to keep the sewing head on the hosiery assembly machine efficient. The sewing head’s work is indispensable and fundamental for the realization of the finished product. A poorly executed or faulty stitch can cause the garment to be rejected, resulting in a loss of both time and money. The ordinary maintenance of sewing heads is carried out by the technicians in charge directly within each company’s sewing rooms, based on the workload to which the sewing head is subjected. For example:

  • They check the oil level and use a good mineral oil with suitable viscosity, topping up the sewing head’s tank whenever necessary. A suggestion: the oil should be completely changed every six months, and it is preferable to avoid keeping the same oil in the machine for more than a year.
  • They change the oil filter every time the oil is changed.
  • They check the cutting elements of the machine, verifying their inclination and proceeding with any necessary sharpening.
  • They check the sewing plate. If it is gummed, they verify the consistency of the rubber and proceed with any necessary re-gumming.
  • They check the oil seals for their tightness.

There are multiple items on the maintenance check-list that need to be periodically addressed to maintain excellent production levels and minimize machine downtime.