New BR DTX38 Sewing Machine

The New BR-DTX38 Sewing Machine: Everything You’ve Been Looking for in One Machine

From the experience of BOGGIANI SRL comes the new BR-DTX38 sewing machine: an automatic machine for sewing the toe of socks, stockings, and women’s tights.

With the BR-DTX38, you will have the freedom to create multiple styles for stockings, socks, and tights, with a variable shaping of the toe that allows you to sew a wide range of articles.

In addition, the toe finish will be an added comfort, guaranteeing high precision, speed, and above all flexibility.

The BR-DTX38 sewing machine can be equipped with an optional system to orient the heel through a color notch.

5 good reasons to choose the new BR-DTX38 sewing machine:

  • Simple loading and operation: even the least experienced operator can produce high-quality products continuously.
  • Durability and comfort of the seam: thanks to the use of an UNION SPECIAL sewing head, a variety, safety, and comfort of the tip are guaranteed. The machine can also work with a flat seam, giving elegance to the product.
  • The machine is designed with technical simplicity and high component technology. In addition, the oscillating sewing head facilitates access for regular maintenance.
  • No installation by specialized technicians is required. We offer a course on the functionality at our company.
  • 100% designed, tested, and produced in ITALY, by US.