Boggiani Renato srl was founded 40 years ago, our mission has always been to be fast, high quality and responsive to the ever-changing market needs.

Constantly evolving, dynamic and organized, with great focus on the TECHNICAL PREPARATION OF OUR STAFF, on the PRECISION OF EXECUTION, always prioritizing the VALUE OF IDEAS IN EVERY PROJECT.

These foundations allowed us to develop throughout the years our specific know how in two main fields:  


We are stimulated by continuous goal setting, we find it challenging both from a business and a human point of view. The versatility of our know-how allowed us to expand our horizons. 

Our complete and reactive company management, has given us the possibility of gaining a “first class” market level. We consider this not a final destination but an achievement, and of course we look for more!


  • We cooperate with our clients granting specialized assistance, technical consulting and spare parts service;
  • We engage our 40-years experience to grant the best feedbacks on the requests we receive;
  • We listen carefully to our customers needs and grant full support, proposing technical improvement for the machines in their company;
  • We develop projects, realize prototypes for machinery parts, or even complete machine systems. All new machines we design are specific for our customer needs, realized for the satisfaction of their precise requirements;
  • We believe in innovation both towards our clients and towards our owncompany. This is why our machine park will never stay the same, yet it will always evolve; 
  • We finalize our project with determination and willfulness;
  • Our company’s continuous growth and evolution, are proof of a success that is deeply linked to the professional quality we offer;
  • We strongly believe that only the research and development of new products, together with a dynamic and skilled staff, can witness a strong reliability while ensuring a professional result;
  • We constantly upgrade our know-how and skills thanks to specific training;
  • We take very seriously every detail regarding a safe and healthy work environment, so as to let our staff operate in total security and ease.


These main points allowed us to a constant growth through out the years, collecting new relationships and professional opportunities with Italian and foreign companies. 


We are part of the associations: API-INDUSTRA – FOND ARTIGIANATO – SAN.ARTI