BR DTX38 Sewing Machine

The new BR-DTX38 toe closer: everything you were looking for, just a single machine. From the experience of BOGGIANI SRL comes the new BR-DTX38 toe closer machine: an automatic machine for sewing the toe of socks, knee-highs and women’s stockings. The work of the BR-DTX38 is very simple, flexible and highly reliable. The variable shape […]

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Regumming of Clamps

THE IMPORTANCE OF MAINTENANCE Regumming for Clamps on Hosiery Sewing and Assembly Machines To maintain efficiency and safety over time, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance on the components of the machine, as every object is subject to wear and tear. Regular maintenance keeps the machinery and its components safe and reliable. This is

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When tights was born

“Tough as steel, delicate as spiderweb” was the description used to present the synthetic resin invented by Wallace H. Carothers, nylon. It was 1935 when this American chemist discovered polyamide 6.6, from which he could produce a continuous filament similar to silk. An invention made in the USA, patented in 1937, which would soon mark a real

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