Commercialization and production of sewing and assembly machines for hosiery

Thanks to our experience in machinery for Italian hosiery, we can boast a wide operating area, divided into specific sectors, where highly qualified personnel contribute to ensuring the quality and efficiency of the hosiery machinery we produce.

At our company, you can find UNION SPECIAL 39500 hosiery sewing machines, of which we are authorized resellers

WE SELL UNION SPECIAL machines, transform and adapt them to the customer’s sewing needs, based on the type of finished product desired. Multiple combinations are possible, and everything is essential to meet the customer’s needs.

In addition to selling Union Special sewing machine heads, we also offer maintenance and repairs using only original Union Special spare parts to guarantee the quality and performance of the machinery over time.

WE PRODUCE hosiery machinery exclusively at the headquarters of Boggiani Renato Srl, with a guarantee of Made in Italy, certified and CE marked. The production processes are managed by ensuring adequate and personalized processing for each product, without neglecting the safety of our personnel.

  • LINE CLOSER (LC) and GUSSET LINE CLOSER (GLC)For sewing and assembling hosiery;
  • TOE CLOSER TCR2NG – For sewing toe tips with a patented system that produces a round tip for greater comfort and elegance in the finished product;
  • TOE CLOSER TC38DTX  Offers great production flexibility, working from stockings to hosiery without substantial modifications. NEW 2021;
  • AUTOMATIC LABELING MACHINECan be combined with hosiery sewing and assembly machines;
  • EASY 385 SYSTEMIs a machinery for thermal transfer of grippers, working on one-piece products to create a commercially viable product with a single machine;
  • EASY 128 SYSTEMIs a machinery for circular thermal transfer of grippers on tubular fabrics.

You can count on our POST-SALES SUPPORT for all hosiery assembly and sewing machines and for all thermal transfer systems. If you purchase a machine from us, you will not be alone! In addition to the warranty and availability of a pre-delivery training course, we will assist you in setting up the machine both in Italy and abroad and will always be available for technical advice and spare parts.