Boggiani Renato SRL


3D print

BOGGIANI RENATO SRL also specializes in bulk production and custom creation of prototypes, manufactured with 3D printing technique.

3D printing is completely executed in our headquarters, in order to grant a total commercial privacy for our clients

3D Printing is a technological process for the creation of tridimensional solid objects, starting from a digital file. The object is created by overlapping layers of an extruded material; each one of those layers can be conceived as a transverse horizontal section of the final object. 3D printing allows to produce complex shapes using less material if compared to traditional production methods. 

The material adopted to print the 3D object is commonly known as plastic, however we use a plastic material called ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) in spool wrapped filaments. We chose this material because of its outstanding resistance and hardness.
It is perfect for 3D Printing because it is solid at room temperature, and melts at about 100 °C.


  • When You want to REDUCE COSTS AND PROJECT TIMINGS. For example, if you need to create a model for an injection mould, you could use a 3D printed prototype to SAVE THOUSANDS OF EUROS by avoiding wrong mould shapes, that would need to be trashed and remade from scratch. Moreover, 3D prototype printing is a much faster process if compared to the realization of a metallic mould;
  • When managing COMPLEX SHAPES, we might run into very peculiar structures to produce, such as bijoux or particular design pieces. 3D printing has an uncompared value for money when dealing with varied model shapes and low quantity productions. It also allows to the creation of very difficult shapes that would be hard to experiment otherwise;
  • When You wish to CONCRETIZE YOUR IDEAS, YOUR PROJECTS, it is usually very hard to materialize an idea with traditional methods, mainly because of the high expenses involved. The traditional techniques (injection moulds, chip removal etc…) are expensive, often too much for an idea that still has to be tested and defined. With 3D PRINT it is possible to produce the object at a low price, just to figure out if the idea works. But above all, it can be very much faster than traditional techniques. A real object gives you the opportunity to be more determined and confident in your idea, increasing the chances of actually launching the project.