Boggiani Renato SRL


Reviosion, Maintenance and Repair of tights's sewing machines

Thanks to the qualification ad experience of our technicianswe’re able not only to repair the sewing and assembly machines for tights in the failure phasebut also to carry out routine maintenance in the hosiery company.

Our specialized operators in the hosiery area, deal with SPECIALIZED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE and are able to work on different types of sewing machines: 

  • UNION SPECIAL 39500 sewing heads;
  • TAKATORI tights sewing and assembly line machines, be they LINE CLOSER (LC), GUSSET LINE CLOLSER (GLC), TOE CLOSER (TC)
  • DETEXOMAT sewing machines.

We carry out works aimed to solve the single problem, for rapid assistance, by minimizing downtime during production. In the same way, we’re able to schedule substantial interventions, directly at the customer’s company headquarters, in order to solve several problems at the same time.

High specialization and competence are synonymous with high reliability, a prerogative that has led many customers to make use of our REVISION services.  

The revision on sewing machines for tights  can be of different types. 

  • BASIC” LEVEL REVIEW: provides for the check of machineryreplacement of worn and / or damaged parts, and a final work test;
  • “ADVANCED” LEVEL REVIEWwhichincludes the complete disassembly and repainting of the machine, a thoroughcleaning, the replacement of worn and / or damaged parts, the complete overhaul of the electrical and pneumatic systems, implementation of innovative technologies on board the machine , the work isthencompleted with a final test. Thanks to this, the customer can have a practically new machine, with an increase in productivity and an update of the system with the latesttechnological standards. Thistype of review issuitable for sewing line machines for tights TAKATORI Line Closer (LC) – TAKATORI Gusset Line Closer (GLC) – TAKATORI Toe Closer (TC) – DETEXOMAT Toe Closer; 
  • We’re also able to realize REVISION WITH TRANSFORMATIONthat’swe renew sewing line machine for sewing tights customer’s pantyhosetransforming it in all respects into a new machine. Within our BLOG, in the FAIRS AND EXHIBITIONS sectionit is possible to better understand what a transformation for sewing and assembly machines on a TAKATORI basis consists of.

We also work abroad, where we make scheduled maintenance and installations, as far as revision are concerned, they’re carried out only and exclusively within our headquarters; on site, our technicians can work as a team, receiving the support of the engineering sector as needed, at any time. 

All the overhauling of tght’s sewing machines are handled internally by BOGGIANI RENATO SRL, the disassembly, cleaning, design and installation of new systems, including any on-board new optional. 

The customer can check the progress of the work at any time, to guarantee the transparency and professionalism of our work. 

We care a lot about precision, quality and innovation, which is why we are always looking for cutting-edge components, which allow you to save energy without sacrificing efficiency.