Design department

The Design Department of BOGGIANI RENATO SRL has a Cad-Cam system capable of generating innovative and sophisticated 3D tool paths for the processing of the most complex three-dimensional models.

With the help of specialized technicians, we are able to create any type of machine model, studying the appropriate type of material to use and the specific details to work on, ensuring a very high degree of precision.

Once the machine model is generated, we can extract all the individual pieces and rework them with the same program, thanks to our Cad-Cam system, and then physically produce them.

After this first design phase, a second phase follows, which involves the “Explode” of the machine, in which all the pieces are divided by material and type of machine (turning, milling, etc…) on which they will have to be worked, obtaining a first screening in order to have a precise idea of how many and which pieces need to be processed internally or externally, such as laser cutting and sheet metal cutting, two processes for which we rely on external companies.

The next phase involves the generation of a work program that can be read by the automated machine and allows us to perform the various operations necessary for the realization of the part. Once the program is obtained, the operator inserts it into the machine and works on the individual piece following the directives provided by the machine.

The Design Department team of BOGGIANI RENATO SRL is made up of specialized technicians with specific tasks related to design, program development, and machine preparation.

For metalworking services, we are also able to carry out third-party projects for simple workshop and hardware work.