Boggiani Renato SRL


Production, Trade, Review, Maintenance and Repairing of sewing tights machines.

The first in our town Castel  Goffredo manufacturing company was costitued in 1925, destined to start the history of industry and the local economy; in two years, it had 50 employees. 

Since then, alongside the hosiery factories there must necessarily be specialized technicians; our company can reply exactly at this request, infact BOGGIANI RENATO SRL is dedicated to Hosiery, with and for hosiery factories that work with sewing machines for tights; our specialized staff provides assistance to tight’s factories for the delicate “passage” of sewing the tubulars, aimed at creating the much-loved women’s tights.

Thanks to the qualification of our technicianswe’re able not only to repair the sewing and assembly machines for tights in the failure phasebut also we can make routine maintenance in  the costumer’s company.

We deal with: 

  • UNION SPECIAL 39500 sewing heads;
  • TAKATORI sewing line machines, like LINE CLOSER (LC), GUSSET LINE CLOLSER (GLC), TOE CLOSER (TC); 
  • DETEXOMAT toe sewing machines.

Machinery Production
and Trade

Maintenance and review sewing machines

Spare parts specific service for Hosiery